Guide to Dogs on Beaches in Gower 

The beaches closest to Wagtails and Middle Cottage are as follows: Llanmadoc/Whitford Bay/Broughton Beaches. (15-20 mins walk - depending on route and speed you walk). Access from either :- 

1. Access Whiteford Burrows via small hamlet of Cwm Ivy in Llanmadoc Village (which has a longer but beautiful walk and a steep lane - this access route is approximately where the 'h' is Whiteford Burrows on the map below (takes about 20 mins)


2. via Lagadranta Farm at Broughton Bay (small fee applies) - which is found approximately where the 'n' in the word Llanmadoc in the map below. (Walk to this access point down a gently sloping tarmac country lane takes about 10-15 mins) 

You can also take your dogs onto Llangennith/Rhossili Beach. Access from either Llangennith Hill end or Rhossili Village. 

You can take your dogs on these beaches shown above all year around. 


From Middle Cottage and Wagtails can also get to these other beaches / bays  

Slightly further away (by car) Llangennith/Rhossili, Fall Bay and Port Eynon, Oxwich, (all 10-15 mins drive) Three Cliffs/Penmaen/Pobbles/Tor Bay (all about 15-18 mins by car); 

Langland (Victoria hut lined beach) and Caswell Bay are about 20 mins by car towards Mumbles.  

The City & County of Swansea Council rules and regulations (EXTRACTS...FROM THEIR WEBSITE)

Beaches where you can take your dog all year round include:

  • Horton - from the Lifeguard station east towards Oxwich (9)
  • Mumbles (10)
  • Pwlldu (11)
  • Pobbles (12)
  • Three Cliffs (13)
  • Tor Bay
  • Crawley
Oxwich (14) 
Mewslade (15) 

Rhossili (16) 
Llangennith (17) 

Broughton (18) 
Whiteford Sands (19) 

Port Eynon (from the main steps west to the Salt House) (20)

NB The numbers above in brackets link to the map of Gower below. 

Those beaches in bold red are walking distance from Wagtails and Middle Cottage. 

Then in red are fairly close but short drive is best. 

The others are all around 20 mins drive away

The Council operates restrictions on some beaches and sea fronts.

Dogs, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind, are banned from the following areas. (The numbers in brackets refer to the map at the bottom of the page):

  • Swansea Bay - from the river Tawe to the slip opposite Victoria Park at the site of the former St Helens Baths (former iron bridge) and from the beach access opposite Sketty Lane to the Northern edge of the slip opposite the West Cross Inn (1,2)
  • Bracelet Bay (3)
  • Limeslade Bay (4)
  • Rotherslade Bay (5)
  • Langland Bay (6)
  • Caswell Bay (7)
  • Port Eynon beach - from the eastern edge of the steps to Port Eynon beach to the eastern edge of Horton beach access. (8)
Beach Ban Notice
Beach Ban Notice*

The byelaws are in operation from 1st May to 30th September inclusive every year.

Any Council officer or Police Officer may require you to remove your dog from the beach.  Any offenders may be liable for a fine of up to £500.

Dog on Beach
Dog on Beach

We also have some restrictions about dogs being kept on leads. You need to keep your dog on a lead on many roads in Swansea and on:

  • The entire promenade at Swansea Bay (from the River Tawe to the Knab Rock car park, Mumbles)
  • The promenades at Langland Bay and Rotherslade
  • The promenade at Caswell Bay

If you fail to keep your dog on a lead you could be fined up to £200.

Swansea and Gower Beach Ban Map
Swansea and Gower Beach Ban Map



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